Monday, April 6, 2015

Resurrection Time!! What Do You Want to Leave Behind in the Tomb Called Yesterday?

 Spring has sprung.  Flowers are blooming, the grass is growing, the lil buds on trees are popping into bloom.  There is an energy of aliveness present in the air.  For some reason, since I was a young person, the sun, moon, and stars have been Holy to me.  Trees, birds, polliwogs and lizards were my friends.  As long as I can remember I have felt the significance of the turning of the seasons, mother nature and the elements.

The Hermetic Law, 'As Above, So Below', and similar axioms like: 'As within, so with-out' and 'We are the microcosm of the macrocosm', have always resonated with me in reference to nature.  What is happening on the planet and in the cosmos, is also happening inside of us.  I like to take my cues from nature as to what may be going on within myself, and do what I can to align mySelf with It for greater harmony.

This earthly connection I've felt, has caused me to seek out ancient traditions, celebrations and their spiritual significance surrounding these times.  Did you know that, the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, aligns to the Spring Equinox?  The pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island, etc all align with similar planetary significance. It must be important! I have always found such things fascinating and have sought to understand and know why.  I love sharing this ancient wisdom and how we can apply it to our modern times and to our own lives.  

The Spring Equinox is the time in the earth’s yearly cycle in which day and night are equal in length before the days finally start to get longer after the darkness of winter, and life springs forth from death. It is a time of BALANCE, RESURRECTION, and a BATTLE between the forces of the DARK and the LIGHT.

I believe that all these earthly and cosmic happenings are symbolic of what is happening within us and have a spiritual significance.  If you are like me and many of the people I know, we’ve all been battling some pretty major stuff recently.  The fall equinox began the descent into the underworld (our psyche and subconscious) leading up to the shortest day and the longest night of the Winter Solstice.  It’s a time to dig deep; to cast the light on our own shadows and ego. Maybe you have some old thought patterns and limiting beliefs that are keeping you small.  Maybe your bad behavior has been brought to light and is no longer working for you or others in your life. How well have you been taking care of yourself? Have you been feeding your body less than wholesome food, not exercising, involved in any toxic relationships, developed any unhealthy addictions? Are you holding on to any old grudges, being unforgiving and lacking compassion?  Do you have strong emotions of shame, guilt, apathy, depression, abandonment or rejection that you’ve been carrying around way too long?  Have any of these things become debilitating for you recently?  Are you ready to do something about it?
Throughout the world, the energy of the spring equinox has been used to confront the forces of darkness and light.  It’s symbolic of what we go through in important stages of our own personal growth and self-realization, where the struggle between darkness and light creates the opposition needed to create change and transformation.  That struggle can generate lots of good and positive things like wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.  We find what is of true worth and value to us in the midst of these challenges, and commit to making better choices and to shifting old ways that are not working for us. It’s about the resurrection—a spiritual resurrection of our own Soul.  

Easter isn’t just about Jesus rising from the dead, it’s about YOU rising from the dead.  Which means a part of you will have to die first.  And by the way, Jesus wasn't the only one.  In ancient Egypt, it is the time of the resurrection of the ancient Egyptian god Osiris; and the resurrection of the Mayan Maize God, Hun Hunahpu.

The story of resurrection has happened throughout history with numerous people, it's a metaphor for your resurrection.  It is a spiritual death and a spiritual re-birth.  Easter is a reminder that YOU get to be re-born a new every day or every year…or whenever you choose to just be present and let go of EVERYTHING else.  

I’ve been pondering this a lot recently.  What do I get to die to, so that I can be more authentically me?  I see it as a death to an old ego-self, dying to old ways of being, surrendering to what no longer works in your life, what just isn’t effective anymore?  It’s a great time to re-evaluate and examine. Perhaps you have beliefs you adopted from your family of origin, or from a religion or culture that you were raised in that no longer make sense to you.  Maybe you have beliefs about relationships, the opposite sex, how you think things should be, that are no longer a true reflection of you. Maybe you have beliefs about money that is keeping abundance and success from you.

How about limiting beliefs and stories about yourself and others that are exactly that, “limiting” even if they are good!  How long do you want to be known as a former NFL player, former Miss America, formerly married to so-and-so, formerly owned XYZ business, etc.  Or worse, the man who cheated on his wife, the woman who left her kids, the person who struggled with addiction, the person who robbed a bank, etc.  Maybe you have stories about yourself like, I’m not ________ enough…insert good, pretty, thin, smart, courageous, etc. Maybe your stories are not even that nice.  Maybe they look more like: I’m a loser, I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m stupid.  Maybe others have stories about you too, like: you’re a liar, a cheat, a slut, an asshole, a bad parent, lazy, arrogant, narcissist, etc

Hmmmm….how do all these feel?  Ready to slit your wrist yet? Not so fast!!  These stories are NOT the truth of you!  You may have exhibited some of these behaviors, some may even be ways of being that you have adopted over a lifetime, you may harbor some of these beliefs about yourSelf and others—AND, they are all just STORIES!! And, they are all in the PAST.  Have you ever wished you could just wipe the slate clean and START OVER?!?!?  Guess what??  You CAN!!  This, my friends, is the whole significance of the resurrection, and being born-again.  Every day is a new day!! So….. 

What do you want to leave behind in the tomb called yesterday, so that you may move forward boldly, unencumbered by whatever is keeping you from being your biggest, brightest and most authentic Self? 
Yes, I said the tomb…where they lie dead people’s bodies, because they do not exist anymore.  They are no longer functioning.  They have no power to walk, move, see, eat, have sex, or even breathe.  They are dead.  What’s left for you, is their memory only.  JUST LIKE YOUR PAST.  It’s dead.  It no longer exists.  It has no power except for the power you give to it, or the power you allow others to hold over your head, that keeps you small and in that past place.  

What would it look like, if you left your entire past in the tomb? If you were reborn today, with all your wisdom and knowledge, only unencumbered and unburdened by your past?  What would it feel like if you left all of your heavy feelings of guilt, shame, anger, rage, jealousy, grief, abandonment, failure, rejection, etc in the tomb as well?   Who would you be without all that heaviness, that you carry around from day to day, from year to year and perhaps from lifetime to lifetime? What would your life look like without all your limiting beliefs? 

What if you could let go of all your stories you’ve believed about yourself and others?  As well as the stories others have told you about YOU, that you just decided to accept?   What if you could leave all that judgment of yourself and others in the tomb? Who would you be if you just left it all behind and walked away from the tomb of your past and old stories?

What if you understood how beautiful all the heart-wrenching, heartbreaking, challenging experiences that you’ve had, have been for your Soul?  What if you knew your path was perfect, that it all had meaning and purpose?  That you’ve always been in the right place and that you’ve never made a mistake?  Read that again.  Your path has been perfect.  You have never made a mistake.  If you could let that sink in and really get it, how would you re-emerge from the tomb? Imagine how shine-y you’d be?

Well, that’s what’s available with the resurrection, Spring Equinox, Ishtar, Easter, etc.  It’s the message of hope, renewal, vitality and spring.  It’s also about the message that we hear quite frequently to be present.  When you are fully present, no past exists, nor does any future worry or concern.  If we could truly be spiritually re-born, which is available EVERYDAY, what would life look like for you? 

Another spiritual law is: that which we would like to receive, we must give.  So how about giving somebody the gift of letting go of THEIR past?  To stop seeing them through the lens of whatever they did yesterday, last week or ten freaking years ago?  Sounds difficult? Well let me tell you, it would be even more of a gift to yourSelf!!! Because who would YOU be without all those shitty thoughts about the people in your family and in your life? What would now be possible for your relationships?  Resurrection? Renewal? Re-birth? 

This is how we heal the world, people.  One glorious step in the right direction at a time. Create the most authentic expression of your beautiful Self today—because you can. I love you. I believe in you.  I believe in US.  We have Risen.  Today is a new day. Amen & Peace be with y’all. 

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