Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Am Absolute Existance

Sunday: The Law Of Pure Potentiality: Om Bhavam Namah-I Am Absolute Existance.  
Pure potentiality is pure consciousness. It is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity.  The best ways to access this place is through meditation, silence, being in nature and non-judgement.  Stillness is the first requirement for manifesting your desires.  That’s why meditation is so important.  When you meditate you access that still place...when you drop your intentions into THAT space it’s like dropping a small pebble into a still pond...the effects go out across the water permeating into your being and essence and also into that universal field...the Universe and your Higher Self go to work effortlessly manifesting the desires of your heart that you have placed there.

Why non-judgement?  Because when you are evaluating people, events and circumstances as good/bad, right/wrong, etc your mind is turbulent...when we are thinking this should not have happened or this person is x, y, z, our mind is all over the place and usually with negative thoughts about ourselves, others and situations.  Judgement creates chaos and a lack of peace and acceptance of what tell yourself in the morning, “Today, I will not judge anything that happens.” Whenever you find yourself judging, remind yourself of your commitment. Or you can play a little game that I play with myself...when I find myself judging another person or situation, I say to myself...”I am THAT I am...” i.e., that mother yelling at her child, that very overweight person, that person that just cut me off on the freeway...because we are ALL, all of it.  That  quickly stops my judgement dead in its tracks often followed by a big “aha” moment.
People of many faiths and practices are familiar with the sacred principle of fasting. When I was a young girl of about 16, I had the Bible quote, “Be still, and know that I am God.”, taped to my mirror. This was long before I learned to meditate or knew this law. I would like to suggest a noise-fast or a period of silence...turn off your tv’s, stereos and ipods, put down your books, magazines and studies and stop talking, texting, gossiping, singing and making noise and just be quiet. Just “BE”. Most people have a very hard time with this...this is where we meet our Selves...this is where we get acquainted with our essence, this is where we commune with God/Source/The Universe...this is a scary place for many...until it isn’t.  Until you begin to relish the day you will crave it...but for now, just try having a family meal in silence or a morning or an afternoon. When you get in your car don’t automatically  turn on the radio, talk on the phone, text or listen to any music or podcasts. .  Make the practice of silence a weekly occurrence ...or a daily one if you are more brave. Peace and calm will be a more frequent visitor in your life from this simple practice alone.
I can never speak enough about the absolutely positive benefits of being in’s why I love to travel so much.  To see the beauty, magnificence and abundance of this amazing planet instills awe, gratitude, appreciation and creativity to my Soul.  When you look around and see the beauty that surrounds us daily....when you see how effortless nature works and in perfect harmony, knowing that we are made of the same stuff, that we are as magnificent as the mountains, that we are as free as the can we ever have any anxiety, fear or scarcity?  If WE but tune in to that field of pure potentiality, like nature has, WE will effortlessly bloom, we will effortlessly and joyfully manifest our desires.  There is no lack in nature...abundance abounds...that stream of well-being is ALWAYS flowing to us...all there is for us to do is be still, be and allow.  The ideas and creativity will flow and you will be guided to take certain steps that will lead you to your bliss.  
Each of the seven spiritual laws are associated with one of the 7 chakras and the Law of Pure Potentiality is connected with the crown chakra.  Our 7th or crown chakra is that which connects us to the Divine or Divinity; it is our connection with pure consciousness.  There is no greater practice for developing the crown chakra than meditation. The words associated with this chakra are infinity, immortality, holiness and enlightenment.  These words easily describe this field and law opure is where these traits reside for they are Divine in nature.
Our truest and purest desires are simply the desires of the Universe, the gods and goddesses wishing to be expressed through each of us.  So that being the case, when we are STILL enough to figure out what those deep, pure, beautiful desires are...there is a great big field of pure consciousness, awareness and creativity that has infinite organizing powers that longs to assist us in the fulfilling of those dreams and desires.  We are loved.  We are One.  We are the World. We are perfect in our uniqueness and our collective sameness. So what are you waiting for? Get busy and BE STILL!!
* The ideas and concepts for this blog come from The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra...highly recommended by moi.