Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In Praise of The Divine Masculine

I’ve never been a man-hater or basher, in spite of my mother’s influential training and example.  Perhaps because I came into this world with a very clear memory of my last lifetime as a man.  When I was two years old, my mother dressed me up in a beautiful white, ruffly dress to go to a birthday party—apparently I sat sulking and embarrassed in a corner the whole time saying that I was a boy and should not be dressed this way. I remember as old as five walking around the neighborhood sans bikini-top so people would “get” that I wasn’t a girl!! I guess I was unconscious that the obviously feminine, floral bottom wasn’t fooling anybody. 

So what I’m trying to say is that I have always had an affinity towards and an understanding of men, which is why I’m compelled to write today. I believe that for some in the new age community, there is a misconception that I would like to clarify. 

I’d like to address the biggest topic on the current new age agenda: the much talked about and fast approaching “shift in consciousness,” as represented by December 21, 2012. This date is supposed to signify the birth of a new era—the age of aquarius and an age of enlightenment. We usually hear of it talked about as a shift from a negative patriarchal society evidenced by separation from mother earth, from each other, and from ourSelves (which NO question all deserve to shift, if not received a good boot out of the galaxy), as well as war, superiority, competition, etc. This 'shift' is supposed to be towards what is being called the Divine Feminine—a more loving, nurturing, inclusive, and compassionate consciousness. 

As much as we all tout Oneness and Unity Consciousness, if feels like all the talk of moving away from the masculine and patriarchy towards the feminine was creating an “Us vs. Them” situation, thus creating more SEPARATION. There is this idea that the feminine qualities are more important to our evolution than the masculine. I must confess, I fell into the trap of feeling like i was finally the right sex—that somehow women were finally being acknowledge for being the superior gender and we would soon be ruling the world once again.

Because the negative attributes that we wish to move away from are traditionally Masculine traits, we lay blame at the feet of MEN for the problems in the world that come from those traits. Further still, since the wonderful and beautiful traits we wish to embrace and move towards are Feminine, we tend to attribute to WOMEN all that is good in the world. 

I have a problem with this. 

The fact is that women have an equal number of negative traits: being catty, whiny, weak, bitchy, etc. To name a very few. And our male counterparts have as many beautiful qualities that speak to the Divine Masculine which is why we love them in the first place, ladies.

So before we (women) get on our high horses, telling our men that they need to be more like us, we would do well to ignite our own divine masculine traits  such as strength, courage, independence and be more like them. 

The TRUTH of what deserves to occur to move forward in this age of enlightenment, as I see it, is DIVINE INTEGRATION of BOTH the masculine and the feminine. A Divine Wholeness if you will, with neither sex leaving the other behind.  Hell, we just came from the space of separation and lack of unity, right?  Something different is now required.
The Divine Feminine is rising in ALL of us—men and women alike.  The feminine qualities are transcending gender and integrating with those of the masculine to create wholeness, heart-based living and unity consciousness. Just as women give birth to both genders, we can liken the rise of the Divine Feminine as birthing the consciousness of our whole, integrated Selves. Hand in hand we walk, re-aligned and complete into a new dawn. The highest state of spiritual evolution is androgyny—let our spirits unfold all the highest powers represented by the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

In our heart-based living our integrated Selves can express love that is more harmoniously balanced. In this space there is unconditional acceptance and non-judgement.  We are open to new experiences, and courageous and optimistic and in tune with our soul purpose. 
We are NOT abandoning all things male in this new era—we are gentling the masculine, empowering the feminine and INTEGRATING all the magnificent traits that make us divine. What we are leaving behind is the inherent separation that men AND women create with our own smallness.  We are leaving behind elitism of all forms—one gender is not better than another, nor is one race, culture or religion, better than any other.  We are embracing unconditional love, unity consciousness, oneness with gaia, our friends, lovers and families—integration and wholeness at its very best and most divine.  We are embodying benevolence, joy, peace, harmony and freedom.
As we get closer to fully integrating our divine feminine and our divine masculine, we are no longer at war with ourSelves—we experience unity and harmony within our own beings.  We are capable of connection and unity, because we have found it inside of ourselves.
In this Golden Age of Enlightenment, let us be One.  One integrated, whole being within ourSelves first of all—embodying the best of both the divine masculine and feminine qualities. And One not only with other races, religions and cultures, but One with the opposite gender. 

Peace and unity consciousness begins within each individual soul, may we seek to BE this first.  May we love our brothers, fathers, husbands, partners unconditionally.  May we recognize and acknowledge their strengths and contribution, as every bit as important and necessary as our own.  May we honor, cherish and respect their magnificence and empower, support and encourage them as they transition into their own Divine truth, as we graciously and humbly do the same.