Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Universe Wants to be Seen by YOU!!

Trust me, I know how fortunate I am… I also know that I'm a conscious creator and that I'm 100% accountable for my world and what shows up in it.

I have always believed that I am lucky, that the universe loves me, that I am supported from the unseen, that the world is a friendly and beautiful place.

I acknowledge the fact that I am a very powerful creator and manifestor... When I was little, my dad used to say, Laurie just opens her hands and pennies from heaven fall from the sky. Whenever I'm having a challenging time, I just remember that... And I remember who I am.

I believe one of the reasons for this is that I am always in complete gratitude … Whether I am sea-sick or not, whether I'm here in tropical paradise, all expenses paid, or I'm at my cottage in 5° weather watching my birds or coaching clients from my house... I am happy and grateful… And sometimes a little lonely and sad, but always grateful for whatever life brings... Always embracing exactly what is, knowing that if there is something I don't like, it's only up to me to change it... There is no one else to blame or fix it for me or to be accountable for *my* life. 

I believe the universe wants to be 'seen' by us… Just like we want to be 'seen' by others. We want to be seen for the truth of us, for the magnificence that we are and also loved for our humanity and frailties.

You've heard the axiom, as above so below… As within so without...? So it just makes sense to me that if we want to be seen and acknowledged, so does the universe.

I've had this crazy idea for a long time, that the universe wants to reveal itself to me. And the more excited and grateful I am for the places I travel to and the more I share, the more it wants to show me.

I have this idea that when I was in Aruba in my twenties thinking that was so fabulous, the universe said oh yeah, wait till we show you Bora-Bora!! You're really going to love that... In fact, you are going to love it so much that we're going to send you three times in 3 different ways!!

When I travel, whether it's Bora-Bora, BVI, Paris, or India, Idaho and Wyoming....or simply at my humble, enchanted cottage~ I see beauty everywhere...and in everything. I see it in the faces and poverty of India… I see it in the beauty of the islands, I see it in the way the sun shines on things at different times of day, I see beauty in stars, rocks and trees. I see beauty in you… And sometimes I see beauty in mySelf.

I have this (probably annoying) habit of taking pictures of everything because I want to share it, because I want *you* to see beauty in everything and everywhere too. And because I want to capture the impermanence and transience of each moment, and have a witness, if only in pictures, of the amazing life that I live. I also do it to remind mySelf to be grateful always, to never take a sunset for granted, or a tropical trip or a friendship, or anything… EVERYTHING IS TEMPORARY.... And it is because everything is so temporary that it is so beautiful.

I love my life, I love the work I get to do with people in assisting them in creating lives they are in love with too, I love where I live and I always love to travel-anywhere, I love my friends and *Soul Family* sooo much. You make my heart smile and bring the sunshine to my world. My life is more beautiful with you all in it. I love Facebook and all my virtual friends and that feeling that we are all just sitting in someone's living room chatting it up...I love the unity it brings with people around the world that I may never have had the opportunity to know.

Life is beautiful, and not just when you're in the tropics. Start seeing it...I promise you, if you change they way you look at things, the things you look at will change. YOU will change. You can choose to see everything as a miracle or you can choose to see the negative and complain. It's nobody else's job to 'fix' your life. You have the powah...if only you knew it. If only you are brave enough to take it on. When you make a decision and just begin to take steps in the direction that your Soul longs to go, unseen forces will rise to support you and you will gain power with every new step that you take. A smile will creep across your lips and linger, your tired lil heart will feel lighter and you will get shinier and shinier. And before you know it, there won't be a soul on the planet that you would trade your life for because yours will be of your own conscious, often hard-won design.

Shine on, shine on peeps!! There's a big, bright beautiful world out there that would love to be 'seen' and experienced by you. What are you waiting for?! Go make snow angels already....and I'll go make one in the sand!! (((Hugs))) all around! Xoxo