Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wild Horse

Wild Horse
by Laurie Frazier

I have too much music in my Soul for just one beat.
I have too much faith in my Being for just one religion.
I have too much love in my Heart for just one soul.
I was born with too much Wanderlust to stay in just one place.
My being is all encompassing....

I am the Ocean.
I am the Sun.
I am a Galaxy in and of mySelf.

I am the wind in the storm,
 the breathtaking view from the Summit,
 and I will ALWAYS be the Wild Horse you cannot tame.

I am Wisdom.
I am Peace.
I am Wild
And I am FREE.

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  1. i absolutely love this. i needed to read this today. this site is inspiring and something i do believe i need to read and be a part of in my own daily life. ty for posting and creating this.