Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Need Your Trust...Is That True?

I need you to trust me…is that true?  I need to trust you…is that true?  Do I really need to trust my boyfriend/spouse, children or business partner(s)?

Ultimately, I trust the universe. I don’t ‘need’ to trust  you.  You can do whatever you are going to do.  I believe that life is always unfolding for my highest good.  If you betray that trust, there may be consequences…oh well.  

I deserve to trust mySELF.  I deserve to trust mySelf to make wise choices and to exercise discernment.  I deserve to trust mySelf to choose people that contribute to my life and not suck/drain away from it.  I deserve to trust mySelf to let go of toxic people, food, environments and relationships.  I deserve to trust myself to let go of of unhealthy and non-nourishing behaviors in favor of their healthy/nourishing counter-parts.  

If I have a need to trust you, it’s probably because I don’t already.  If you have a need to trust somebody, I believe that comes from your own insecurities, your own desires to control people, situations and events.  If  you have a strong need to trust someone, it’s because you are suspicious, you are worried, you have concerns, you believe that person isn’t trustworthy.  If that is the case, then you must not trust yourself to make wise decisions, or you wouldn’t have that person in your space in the first place. You don’t trust yourSelf…OR—

You believe the Universe is unfolding perfectly.  You offer your trust freely to those you have deemed trustworthy and you don’t even think about it again.  If someone you feel betrays you or does you wrong in someway, you have a choice to make.  You can’t control people into trustworthy behavior.  Your partner is going to cheat on you if he wants to, wether you deem him trustworthy or not.  Your kids are going to have sex and smoke weed, wether you trust them or don’t.  Relax.  Life is going to keep life-ing.  You can’t control EVERYTHING. 

Your best hope is to trust yourSelf, be in alignment with your own Truth.  People will reveal themselves in time.  If you are trustworthy, you will attract trustworthy people.  If you are a suspicious mother-fucker, the kind and benevolent Universe, will give you all kinds of reasons, situations and people to be suspicious of and not trust.  If I am one of those people, then I will constantly be on the look out for reasons not to trust anyone or anything in my space, and that, my friends, will eat up a shit-ton of my vitality and energy, something I choose not to do.  AND—I will inevitably find what I’m looking for!! And my boobie-prize is…..I get to be RIGHT!!! 

Let’s define the verb ‘trust’: to believe that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.: To have confidence in (someone or something).  I need you to trust me.  Is that true? Nope.  I don’t need you to think anything of me.  I will be trustworthy or I won’t.  No amount of what you think of me will make it so or not.  And your interpretation or perception of me is just that—YOURS.  It is not my business.  

Some people will trust you and some won’t.  So what.  What they think of you is not your concern.  What YOU think of YOU is.  Can you trust yourSelf? If your answer is ‘no’, don’t be pissed if others don’t trust you either.  If your answer is ‘yes’, good for you! Who gives a shit what somebody else thinks?!?  You just keep proving yourself trustworthy to YOU!! When you do that, and you know the truth of YOU, then it won’t matter.  If someone can’t see the truth of you, that is their problem.  
There are some people I am just going to choose to trust, there are others that feel unsafe for me to extend that courtesy to, so I love them, I bless them and I release them from my inner circle.  Those in that inner-circle, I have no expectations of, I know their character, I don’t have to ask if they’d have my back, I don’t have to trust and hope that they will—i just KNOW.  I also know that we all have our moments of feeling out of alignment with our own truth.  And in those moments that someone else chooses something that hurts my lil feelings, or makes a choice that I don’t like, I get to be ok, to just trust that they are doing what is best for them.  Then I get to make a choice about what is in my best interest —sans drama.   I trust myself to be ok with whatever happens in my life, loss, pain, or otherwise.  I also trust that I will be conscious enough to ask mySelf why I am attracting such people, circumstances and events into my life and be courageous enough to look within mySelf to acknowledge my own similar shortcomings and self-correct.  

I need to trust mySelf—is that true? I’m not sure it’s true or if it isn’t, but what I do know is, that it sure makes life much easier.  Choices are more freely made without major deliberation, there is a greater sense of stability and grounded-ness,  fears of the future dissipate, a certain inner calmness and peace reside in your being, and there is a feeling of self-respect and unconditional friendliness with one’s Self that seems to arise.  I trust mySelf and it feels good. It also feels good that I don’t need to trust you or have you trust me. My happiness is not dependent on that which is outside of mySelf.

How you go about trusting yourSelf is material for another blog entirely.  Wishing you many blessings on your personal journey inward.  May you fall in love with the brilliance of your own Soul.

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