Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Embrace the Totality that is YOU!!
So...I posted some pics of mySelf yesterday that were more than ‘my usual’...there was a point (at least for me)...it was about EMBRACING the TOTALITY of mySelf.  We get so used to pegging ourselves into rigid identities—mother, wife, doctor, lawyer, spiritual life coach, representative of x, y, z—we become like undeveloped characters in a bad novel who only reveal certain aspects of themselves at the whim of the author or audience.  We live our lives only exposing certain qualities and desperately trying to hide or disguise others (as if they wouldn’t be noticed anyway).

We expose certain aspects to some, but not others...to our parents we want to come across one way...to our kids we desire to show up another...to our boss and associates, we reveal even less of ourSelves. It’s exhausting.  What’s even more damaging to our Soul..is not only have we fragmented ourSelves to be liked, admired, approved of etc., often we are PRETENDING to be something we are totally NOT for all the same reasons.  
When we are out of alignment with our Highest Selves, we are often living from a space of being defined by our possessions, positions, money, cars, clothes, body, ideas, etc.  Somehow we got side-tracked into believing all of THAT is real and that somehow it defines us.  We abandon the longing of our heart and deepest soul desires for what we THINK others  expect of us and for what we think others believe about us, and for what we think will be acceptable to those others—acceptable enough to gain their love and approval. That just sounds like drowning to me—suffocating in an endless sea of expectations.
Meanwhile, our poor Soul, has been abandoned on the side of the rode— we are operating at only 60 watts when we have a capacity of 200.  We are shining a portion of our light but not the super delicious fullness.  Another even more sad scenario is that some of us are trying to shine someone else’s light, copy their hues, sing their song—‚something even more devastating to the Soul. 
The truth of YOU is that you have ‘range’—you are ALL things.  You just choose to play small in whatever ways that show up for you—out of fear or discomfort. We all do it differently...but in the end, it’s the same.  We are spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical, & yes, sensual beings—to deny ANY of those things is to dim your light and to be LESS THAN what you really are.
I believe it is time to embrace the total magnificence that is YOU.  Shine your Light, get your freak on, be your bad-ass, rockstar Self and don’t be shy!! Own it!!  DO it with style and panache! Own your greatness, smartness, beauty, creativity, spirituality, business acumen, sensuality, integrity, etc.  Why? Because, you ARE all that! As you let your own Light shine, you give those around you permission to do the same. And as we are liberated from our smallness and our fragmentation and begin to CLAIM the TRUTH that is US...WOW!!!  What a world!!!  We just upped the game...the world just got a little more FUN, JUICY & DELICIOUS!!  Imagine playing in a world where ALL people are OWNING their magnificence and sharing their brightest most beautiful Selves—we would have an entire planet FULL of LUMINISTAS and LUMINARIES!!!
For me, I am embracing my own sensuality—In our culture, we are taught to deny anything that even hints at sensuality, as if in someway we would be presencing all the bad and slutty, whorish ideas that have commandeered true sensuality.The truth is our sensuality is our essense. It’s the way we create a work of art, wether it be a book, a painting or an outfit. It’s the way we express ourSelves, it’s what makes us smile the way we do, and throw our head back when we laugh. It’s about ease...easing into the truth of us...what we are good at and what we aren’t...it’s about INTIMACY...with ourSelves first. And it’s simply about OWNING who we are and being comfortable in that place...no one else to be, just lil ol’ me...
So, shine on, shine on—LIGHT up your corner of the world.  The Planet deserves you to show up with all your gifts and glory!  The time is now—and it’s speeding up.  Don’t miss the show, BE THE SHOW!


  1. Wonderful message Laurie! I am so truly touched by all that you are and all that you manifest out there. I am becoming more familiar with myself and to stop doubting my truths and letting them shine through. It's inspiring to be around you and I want to say thank you.