Friday, August 19, 2016

Follow Your Heart

It is with a light and joyful heart that I leave SLC. I feel I have extracted all I could, appreciated, enjoyed and been in gratitude for all the beautiful things in my life. I feel I have made a contribution and left a small corner a better place than when I arrived in 1989. I’ve shared my space with hundreds and offered a loving community for seekers, weary travelers, the religiously oppressed and all the crazy new-age peeps that like to congregate together ;) I have also made the very best of friends along the way. Because of this, I feel I can leave with no regrets and dive into my new life and love with open arms and an open heart free to embrace everything that is coming next.

My last night at my beloved Enchanted Cottage…(no accident) it happened to be a Full Moon so of course I had to create a lil magic. I rounded up all the partially used candles in the house and lit all 12 of them. My patio door in my room was wide open—I could already feel the chill of fall in the air, unwilling to shut the door, I put on a sweater. The sound of crickets and coyotes were pouring in…a familiar sound that has serenaded me to sleep for many years in this house. The moon was full, though cloudy, so it was darker than usual. I have always enjoyed the variety of the seasons at the cottage and the unique beauty different times of day and weather present. I have gratefully consumed that view daily and it has been like a magical elixir to my Soul—tantalizing my senses, soothing my body, healing my heart and and nurturing my being. My gratitude has been profound. 
People have asked me if I were going to miss all of that and if I would be re-creating in Detroit what I did in SLC.( i.e. creating large communities of like-minded people through things like the Moon Show, youth group, life coaching, etc)  My response is, “ No, that is not what I will be doing.”  My priority is partnership now, not community. I will be merging my life and heart with another Soul, something I take seriously and want to give all my time and attention to.  I’m not interested in going out and making lots of friends (I have plenty of friends). I want to spend my time with my sweetheart. I want to do some really simple things like grocery shopping together, making healthy meals, going for walks and bike rides, Sunday drives to unexplored places, snuggling up with a movie and some treats before I fall asleep 10 minutes into the show, sharing books we love with each other, feeding donkeys a few yards away and snuggling that new baby giraffe!! That’s what I will be doing. 

So at this full moon, I’m letting go of life as I have known it. I’m letting go of my long-time plans for a solo future and I intend to fully co-create with someone, something entirely new. Something unknown to either of us at the moment, that will unfold as we go about discovering life as a “we”. 

Yes I will miss all of you, the magical Enchanted Cottage, and our tribe/community. You are forever embedded in my Soul’s memory. All of life is moving forward and letting go, a lesson in impermanence. It’s because everything is so temporary that everything is so beautiful. And as I have had the courage to embrace a new life and to follow my heart, I wish the same for all of you reading that whenever your heart speaks to you, you listen. Follow your passion, excitement and heart to the ends of the Earth, you only have one life to live this iteration of your Soul’s expression. Create something magical and shine on, shine on, beautiful peeps!! Much love, blessings and gratitude for the love, acceptance and happiness you have all brought into my life. 

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  1. We...Me, Your Sweetheart and New Animal Friends could not be Happier for you. You, My Friend will always be embedded in my Soul! I wish you the Very Best Life has to offer.