Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm Still a Lil Human

I can’t believe I’m STILL fuc$ing human.  After 35 years dedicated to non-stop evolution and growing my baby Soul, I still have yet to “arrive” ANYWHERE.  Seriously...i have some tools, and I can process through most things...but, my lil feelings still get hurt, I still have insecurities, I get pissed and I struggle with finances, relationships and moving my business forward.  

What I know is...none of my metaphoric skinned knees or bruises will keep me from not playing full out, not exposing my heart 100% and not trusting people.  I will continue to share my heart and my big love, I will continue to embrace whatever the Universe has in store, I will continue to believe that women really want to support each other, that men want to connect on more than a physical level, and that the the world is really a beautiful and benevolent place. 

I will live without fear, I will trust, I will give without expectations, I will see the best in everyone that I meet.  

I will stand for your growth and evolution, like I stand for my own.  I will believe the best about you wether you do about me or not, I will meet you with consciousness and humility when you are in your ‘stuff’ and not being kind.  I will gently remind you that I “SEE” you even when you don’t see yourSelf.  I will see mySelf in your every behavior and not point fingers of judgement for I know that I am you and you are me.  

I will be kind to mySelf as my own humanity, old “stories”, pettiness and insecurities arise.  And...I will gently and lovingly remind mySelf of who I AM.  

Much love from you fellow lil human.

~Laurie Frazier 'Maven of Moksha'

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