Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just some random quotes from Moi...

I am who i am…wether you see me or not…your acknowledgement doesn't make me greater, nor does your criticism make me less than. Laurie Frazier 'Maven of Moksha'

Normal people don't want to destroy you…conscious people will look in the mirror before they cast any stones…enlightened people will put down the stones because they see themSelves in you and you in them. Laurie Frazier 'Maven of Moksha'

It's not enough to just read 'conscious' books and 'know' things…that is called knowledge. It is only when you take that 'knowledge' and actually apply it to your life, your issues, your heart-ache, your chaos, that that knowledge becomes WISDOM in your heart.

You must LIVE the Universal Principles to KNOW that they work, when you know that you are in alignment with all that is, you will TRUST enough to let go of the reigns, knowing that whatever happens is for your HIghest good and growth of your Soul.

It doesn't mean you throw your hands in the air with a wtf attitude either. You decide what you want and take steps in the direction of your dreams, all the while, "allowing' and evaluating what is put in your path. There are no accidents, things happen for a reason, the best thing you can do is stop resisting, don't attempt to FORCE your will, but with confidence, TRUST that YOU are manifesting EXACTLY what is in your best interest. Laurie Frazier 'Maven of Moksha

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