Thursday, February 6, 2014

Who Are You?

Over my lifetime there's almost nothing that I haven't lost- including children, husbands, homes, cars, friends, parents, ways of being, religions, thought systems, jobs, loves, etc.

What I have learned is that all of these things are temporary… Every one of them. And that they do not define me. 

They could all go away again, probably most of them will at some point, but I will be okay because I will still be me. I know who I am outside of those "things". 

If you have never asked yourself who would I be if I didn't have xyz… if I wasn't Mrs. so-and-so or I wasn't president of the company or the girl with the great shoes or the dude with the smoking-hot girlfriend?  Then you are doing yourself a great disservice. 

The number one question of all time has to be "Who am I?" If you don't know who you are outside of your relationships, possessions and positions.... You will be in for a great fall when they disappear as they inevitably do. 

When would NOW be a great time to start posing the question? Who are YOU? 

(Btw for those of you that wonder what I do, this is one of the journeys I take people on...the greatest one you can ever take...the journey of Self-discovery) 

Wishing you much love, blessings & wisdom on your journey, fellow travelers. Remember, we are all just walking each other home. Be gentle with yourSelves, your process and your loved ones! 

(((( Hugs ))) Laurie Frazier 'Maven of Moksha'

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