Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Can We Do Better at Being Our Brother's Keeper?

I just got the news last night that my friend, Parth Gandhi, killed his son and then himself a few days ago. I haven’t spoken to Parth in a good 8 months or so, but he was a friend. Such devastating news—I’m in shock. I knew he had struggled with depression in the past and had his shadows like the rest of us. But to kill your own son—what kind of emotional state must you be in? From what i could see, Parth appeared to be a really great dad that’s had full custody of his kids for well over a decade. Parth was a brilliant man and a neuropsychologist. Nothing typical about this incident. Not homeless, not unsuccessful, just a normal guy that seemed to always be seeking community. 

How did we fail him? How are we failing countless others? What can we do for the multitudes struggling in our midst? How can we be better stewards of our tribe and loved ones? How can we be a better friend to those in our circle? 

These are the questions I ask myself when confronted with this devastating news. Where can we best be a contribution to humanity? What gift(s) do you have that are lying dormant because you feel small, incapable, a nobody, not smart enough, not good enough? 

We think it needs to be something grandiose, but I don’t believe that. I think it’s much more simple— like inviting someone to coffee, not because you’re lonely, but because you sense that another could use a listening ear. It could be encouraging someone with a dream they have…just your words of encouragement that cost you nothing to give. Perhaps you have an extra $100 that you know you’re just going to blow, but you choose to give it to someone that you know it would make a world of difference to receive. 

These are things we ALL can do. We never know when our small gesture may just be the gesture needed to save a life, to give someone hope for the future, to restore their faith in humanity. 

CHOOSE to be a force for good. CHOOSE to pay attention to the people around you—your family, your children, your co-workers, members of your church…CHOOSE to notice if someone feels a little down or “off” and at the risk of embarrassment or putting yourself out, ask if you can take them to lunch, or make them dinner, or offer to babysit their kids. There is no end to the things that will cost us nothing to do, that might just be the thing that saves a soul, that soothes a broken heart, that restores their faith for one more day—that people really do care, that they matter, that they are worthwhile. 

We are entering (and have been going through) perilous times. We’ve been isolated with lockdowns and inconveniences, that have made it easier now without such restrictions, to stay comfortable in our homes, to remain in isolation, to hide away. Mental illness and loneliness are at all-time highs. 

I challenge you (and me) to get uncomfortable, to put yourself out there, to share your gifts and strengths, to put more effort into the uplifting of your tribes, families, and neighborhoods. I challenge you to create unity with people that don’t think like you, that have different political views than you, and that come from different cultures and traditions than you. I challenge you to see the world and its inhabitants (including animals, trees, plants, bodies of water, elements, etc) as one family. As one nation. As part of a united whole.

It is the ONLY thing that will save us in the days ahead. It’s time to restore community, to restore tribe, to unite in compassion and love. 

It’s also time to unite and stand up to tyrannical governments before it’s too late. That will come much more naturally when we feel united as neighbors, and countrymen/women. 

Our first step is to reach out in our small circles and broaden those circles—to be more inclusive, more tolerant, and more compassionate. To be more aware, more conscious, and more dialed into our intuition. This will require something of you—doing your own inner work, addressing your own triggers and upsets, making peace with your past and present, becoming still inside through meditation, contemplation, being in nature, and immersion in silence. Fortify yourself now so that you can give to others and be a force for good. 

My heart goes out to Parth’s daughters that lost their father and brother, to Om's mother who lost her dear son, to his son, Om,  whose life was cut short, and to Parth who clearly felt this was his only option. 

If you are struggling emotionally, I encourage you to reach out. There are always options, you just might not see them in the moment. You are seen, you are known, you are loved by the unseen. You matter. All lives matter. All lives count. Let’s be good stewards of ourselves and each other. 

Blessings Beautiful Humans. May you see the Light that is always surrounding you in each moment. May you feel the love that is present in every rainbow, tree, songbird, and bubbling brook. May you feel the presence of Spirit in grief, sadness, and heartache. May you be well, may you be safe, and may you find joy. 

Sincerely and with sooo much love. ~lf

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Here's to the Mamma Bears...

 Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamma Bears out there!!

Here’s to the Mammas that care enough about their children, to not only educate themselves but to tune into their god-goddess-given-intuition to know how to love & protect their children best—the Mammas that take seriously their role & stewardship of protecting and defending their Littles against a crazy world. 

Here’s to the Conscious Mammas that want to foster healthy & strong bodies!

That choose to shield their babies from GMO, pesticide-ridden, & processed foods. To the smart Mamas that feed their children whole & wholesome food, that shop at farmer’s markets, and care enough to grow their own.

Here’s to the Wise Mamas that know their children come fully intact, with immune systems, and in the Creator's image—that choose to breast-feed to boost immunity, that have the courage to tell their doctors they will not be injecting their littles with toxins and DNA altering substances—EVER. 

Here’s to the Brave Mammas that stand up at school-board meetings, knowing they may end up on the FBI watchlist as they denounce CRT, gender ideology, fake science, drag queen story time, and a demoralized public education system. 

Here’s to the Mamma Bears that want to keep boys out of women’s sports and from destroying their daughter’s dreams and hard work. Here’s to the Mammas that are working to keep men & boys out of their daughter’s locker rooms and bathrooms in restaurants, department stores, and parks where girls are vulnerable and unprotected. 

Here’s to the Common Sense Mammas (a rare gift these days), that know and honor the scientific FACT that women are the only ones that can get pregnant…that will not stand for being called “birthing persons”, or “chest feeders”! 

Here’s to the Smart Mammas that teach the beautiful little minds they have been entrusted with, to think for themselves, to follow their hearts, and to trust their own intuition. To the Mammas that instill confidence, courage, and creativity in their little ones. 

Annnnd… here’s to the real men that want to protect and honor real women. We need your strength, courage, love, and support to stand up to the ridiculous woke mob that is threatening to destroy our society and erase women.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Conscious, Wise, Brave, Common Sense, Smart, Mamma Bears doing their best on the daily to love, serve, honor, and protect the hearts, minds, bodies, and souls of ALL the precious children of the World. 

You are desperately needed, appreciated, valued, honored, and revered for the greatest work you will EVER do in this lifetime. May all the Mothers (and Fathers) be blessed and protected as we carry out this sacred work on Planet Earth of protecting all of Mother Earth’s children. 

May you be blessed for your sacred and honorable service. You are seen. You are known. You are valued. And you are loved.

©Laurie Frazier, The Maven

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Breathe Fire? by Laurie Frazier

       One does not become enlightened

 by imagining figures of light, 

but by making the darkness conscious.”

~Carl Jung

Consciousness expands only when we integrate something from the unconscious/shadow. When we are fully aware of and embrace our own darkness within, is when we truly become whole, stop living in fear, and step into our true power.

I’ve had this fridge magnet for years with a picture of a lady in a dress smoking a long cigarette and looking cool af that says, “She had not yet decided whether to use her power for good or evil.’  (Insert mwahahahah)

What that quote has always communicated to me loud and clear is the power of choice. She is just observing. She isn’t reacting to a fucking thing. She is surveying the scene with amusement….watching all the fuckheads, deciding if it’s worth her time to retaliate, and if the entertainment value will be worth it or if she’ll be better served by just turning and walking away. She can choose either. That’s where the power lies. 

If she had not integrated her own monster (see Jordan Peterson), she might be afraid. She may not know what to say or do when somebody fucks with her. She’ll have to talk to her friends about it and see what they think…yawn. 

The thing is if you never fight back, if all you give out is love and light, if you let people walk all over you, and never say a peep, for you to continue with that behavior…. Is that virtuous? No. You lack courage and balls and hide under the guise of virtue signaling. 

“ If you are not capable of cruelty, you are a victim to anyone that is.”

~J. Peterson.

On the other end of this scale are the pathetically evil people. They tend to be reactive, emotional powder kegs, ready to explode with any given trigger. They have no control over their choices. They are not the observer. They are the reactor. They react to their lust and addiction to sex, drugs, and alcohol, they react to their desperate need for validation, and they react when they realize they have no power or control over even themselves. They are powerless to choose from a place of goodness and morality that doesn’t involve manipulation. 

Both are a result of the total denial of their shadow, and the fear of taking a deep, hard look within. It’s easier for all of them to just point their fingers in the direction of those who’ve done them wrong, or to those they themselves have wronged (reverse victim mode). 

The thing about really good people is that they are consciously choosing to be so. They’re not choosing it bc they don’t know how to fight back, they’re not choosing it because they are afraid to do otherwise or are fearful of what others may think of them. They are choosing it because they can. 

Let me speak for mySelf as that’s really all I know….

Because I have real-life experience of standing up for myself over and over, because I’ve verbally bitch-slapped numerous people in the face with no fear, because I have taken from those that have taken from me with no shame, because I have sent evil straight back to the sender with no concern of any repercussions…and I’m not afraid to use my darkness against the forces of evil and feel 100% justified while I'm doing it….that makes me whole—and according to Jordan Peterson, “dangerous.”  

Because of this, when I choose not to return evil with evil, it’s a conscious choice because I’m also not easily triggered. It's very easy for me to walk away. 

Howeverrrr, there may be rare situations when I do choose the dark, and it won’t be unconsciously or because I’m being reactive to another’s injustice. Rest assured, it will be calculated and exacting for maximum impact and all the forces of Light will be on my side if I choose to do so. My choice to invoke the powers of hell will come from ancient wisdom, the ancestors, and the law of reciprocity—not stupidity and my ego. 

I believe that wherever there is the potential for the greatest good, the opposite must also be true. One must know oneSelf as capable of both— therein lies the virtue. To observe. To respond and not react. To put on your armor or walk the fuck away. These days I just ask myself, which one will be more entertaining? 

What about you? Have you integrated your 'monster'? Do you know what he/she is capable of? It's not an easy task for those (especially women) who have been taught their entire lives to "be nice". It's nothing I've ever aspired to when there are soooo many more interesting things one can be.

I was fortunate to be raised by a looong line of badass women that knew how to speak their truth and had the power to control their own destinies. I passed that on to my daughters, and I hope you'll stop telling yours to "be nice". 

 "As for my girls, I'll raise them to believe they breathe fire."~Jessica Kirkland

Friday, December 31, 2021

2022 Another World is on Her Way...

As I was reflecting on 2021 and the year ahead…the word hope came to mind. Instantly I was reminded of a self-development program I participated in almost 20 years ago where we were told, “There is no hope.” At the time, I totally bought it. I was a believer and a know-er. I didn’t need hope. It was certainly nothing I’d ever relied upon. It felt kinda like Yoda where he says, “There is no try, there is just do.” There is no hope…you just know or you don’t. 

My world was pretty black and white back then. I agreed with them. There is no hope. Fuck hope. Forge through and create your own reality, bitches. That’s what I’d been doing all of my life. Fortunately for me, my super-powers have been recognizing truth, exposing falsehoods, and having faith in something greater than my physical self—even if it’s just my Higher Self. 

I’ve also had a very strong inner knowing about things…my path…my mission in life…what my next steps were. I’d ponder, go within or in nature…my answers always came quickly and I’ve been blessed to never doubt that voice. I’ve taken bold steps forward towards whatever answers I’ve received no matter how crazy they appeared to those around me. I never “hoped” things would work out in my life—I just knew they would.
As I thought about this, an old scripture from somewhere came to mind—“…for some it is given to know, and for others it is given to believe on the words of another…” I’ve been blessed to always know—even in my darkest hours. But I’m clear now that is not everyone’s blessing—and it certainly wasn't mine this summer, either.

I found myself in a slump, wondering what it was all for? Why even move ahead with my purpose work and mission when the world is completely going to hell—seemingly beyond repair. Why will anyone care about spirituality, healthy relationships, politics, etc when they may not even have food to eat if things continue like this. So much craziness in the world, how would we ever be able to turn things around.

I found myself at a farmer’s market talking to a beautiful shine-y 80 year old man that had an heirloom tomato booth. I had a couple of amazing friends that showed up to remind me of who I am. And I got a clear download that my only job was to stay inspired. So I took that advice to heart and went back to work on my projects, but I was just going through the motions.

 I decided to volunteer in that tomato garden. I wasn’t in that garden more than 5 minutes when I felt a palpable surge of what hope must feel like. It’s like the Light had returned to the building. It was someone’s back yard that my new friend had rented and had turned into the most beautifully organized rows and rows of tomatoes, basil, squash, cucumbers, blackberries, etc. In that moment, as I picked what seemed to be no end in sight to ripe, cherry tomatoes, the sun was peaking through a near by peach tree, there were a handful of happy people in the garden harvesting tomatoes, and all the bad news on CNN seemed to evaporate like a think fog at sunrise. This was real life. This garden community was the embodiment of hope, I thought. There were no signs of the bs being spouted on the tv here. 

No gloom and doom, no death and destruction, no tyranny or antifa in sight. Just happy, healthy people, creating life from tiny seeds and harvesting the real fruits of all of their love and labor. Almost all of us volunteering…gladly accepting all the tomatoes we could eat in dynamic exchange. I recalled a time my sister took up cross-stitching right after our grand-father had passed and she called it her “cross-stitch therapy” These Saturday mornings in the garden were clearly becoming my “tomato therapy” to a world gone bad. 

I became a believer in hope in that garden in the summer of 2021. I thought all could be well in the world if everyone just turned their yards into gardens. Such a small step…had the potential to change everything, I thought. 

As 2022 looms with as much uncertainty as the previous two, may I offer a glimmer of hope on this literal dark moon in which we enter the new year. Seems an appropriate entre, though. The Dark Moon occurs approximately two days before the New Moon when the sky is completely dark. Often correlated with a dark night of the Soul moment. It’s one of those in-between moments when the light of the waning moon has dissipated, but before the ever so slight, shimmering crescent of the New Moon appears. If there were one symbol of hope, I'd choose a new moon for sure—or a garden. 

We find ourselves in a dark place, some of us are lacking hope that the light may ever return at all. It is always darkest before the dawn. But the dawn always comes and the sun always rises. At this New Year’s Eve, as we recall year’s past attending parties, making merry, setting our resolutions, and a flurry of activity, may I suggest something a little more meaningful and more appropriate for the time we find ourselves…perhaps a moment of rest and reflection on the past year.  

This is a time of stillness and wisdom. It’s a completion of a cycle, so before we forge ahead, what is it that we would like to leave behind? What have you simply had enough of…what is it that you will no longer stand for? Are you ready to end that toxic relationship or that job that no longer sets your soul on fire? What old, worn out ways of being just aren’t working for you anymore? What would serve you best to let go of? 

In Numerology the year 2022 equates to a six year, the planet Venus, and the tarot card of The Lover’s. Many think The Lovers card is all about romance, relationships and new partnerships and while it is, it’s also about a turning point, a choice making year—even a crisis point year. Will you choose one path over another…will you take this direction or that…will you choose to stay in a relationship or choose to move on…or perhaps you will seek to bring together seemingly opposing factors into one harmonious unit. 

We all have a choice to make this year. Will we choose love or will we choose to remain in fear? Will we choose to unite…or succumb to the separation and segregation being foisted upon us? Will we choose freedom or comply to more tyranny? This is not a year to be in the middle of the road.
As Venus retrogrades in Capricorn and hovers around Pluto…this energy is asking us to re-evaluate what is important to us on a soul-deep level. What do we value…really? What is the most authentic thing for us in this new space that we find ourselves? Who do we want to move forward with in this new world to come? What and who sets your soul on fire? What goals are worthy of your time, energy and effort?

Maybe these questions feel heavy. It’s been a pretty dark couple of years…if your hope is waning, if it’s difficult for you to imagine a new, more beautiful world… I got you. I believe, “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

In order for the new to come, there must be a death of the old. I believe this is what we are experiencing. Apparently we were just too comfortable to notice the shit show that was and has been all around us…from how our children have been being educated, to big Pharma getting out of control, to our country accepting all the processed foods, pesticides and additives that smarter countries have banned, to fraudulent elections and power hungry politicians that feel no responsibility to their constituents, to the fake news media, to a healthcare system that cares nothing for science, to exalting that which is toxic and banning all that is truly healthy, to censorship that is obvious even to the ignorant, to promoting neither safe nor effective jabs over boosting one’s natural immunity…FFS….you can’t not see ALL of this?! I’m ok to see a massive demise of all of the above! Let it all come crashing down. 

My hope/trust/belief/knowing is that a new Earth is on its way. One where we unite not only as neighbors and countrymen/women, but citizens of the world. I believe countless humans around the globe have had enough and are standing up for their rights and their freedom.

I believe more parents than ever are finally taking an interest in their children’s learning and are banning together to create alternative homeschool/neighborhood alternatives.

I believe good doctors, nurses, natural paths, herbalist, acupuncturist will one day ban together with therapist, shadow workers, counselors and coaches to holistically heal their patients.

I believe that one day a prescription of forest bathing, yoga & meditation, eating live wholesome foods, or getting a pet to care for will be as common a cure and more effective than a slip for pain pills or anti-depressants.

I believe one day we will no longer accept toxic pesticides on our food, or tolerate processed and artificial foods on our grocery shelves, but will opt for farmer’s market’s, neighborhood gardens, and learning to grow our own food again. 

I believe one day, we will all do work that we love, that feels meaningful and purposeful and no one will settle for a job or a relationship that is not their authentic truth. I believe in a world that welcomes the creation of free energy, free internet, and creative and innovative invention in all areas of life. 

I believe that new Earth is on its way. To assist in the ushering in of this new Earth, may I suggest, on this New Year’s Eve and day, some quiet time for re-evaluation…for re-thinking, re-imagining, re-aligning with your heart-centered desires, gaining clarity on your highest values. Perhaps simplifying your life to its barest essentials so that you may have the energy to take action on what is the most important to you, and where you can make your most joyful and authentic contribution to a world that is in need of YOU, your Light, your positive energy, and your wisdom. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”― Margaret Mead

I believe that as each of us begins taking some kind of deliberate action, the Light will return. Such a small steps…can change everything. It’s not hard to imagine, with enough people involved in various areas, how quickly things can change for the better.

Look at the impact the Frontline Doctors have made. People all over the world want change. WE are the majority. Pick a thing. Choose something you are passionate about and get involved!! Be the change. Soon that small glimmer of hope will turn into the Light of a hundred suns and dispel the darkness that has enshrouded us and we will indeed find ourselves forging a path to that other world on her way. 

Much love, blessings and hope for a new dawn in 2022. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021


Happy Winter Solstice to All.

It is at the darkest point in the year, that the world unites to celebrate the return of the Light. Not when it’s at its brightest…but when its been through the darkest night of the Soul…and a small flicker of light breaks through at the end of a very long tunnel. 

When the darkness gives birth to the Light. That’s when we cheer…when we have just a glimmer of hope that the Sun is returning. It’s been one of our darkest years for sure…but out of the darkness is born the Prince of Peace. Out of the ruble and destruction of the past can a new world emerge.

May we turn our gaze inward at this time, acknowledge the heaviness of our own darkness, the hell we’ve been through, the separation and isolation we have felt, and just embrace it and let it go. 

It’s time to excavate our own Light, give birth to the Christ consciousness within and dream a new world into being. Who are you? Why have you chosen to be here at this time on Earth? What authentic gifts will you choose to bring forth to bring this new dream into reality? 

WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for…no one is coming to save us. Only unity will save us. Love is the answer. Choose freedom over security, devotion over duty, and wisdom over knowledge. 

Align with the energy of this Winter Solstice as we move boldly forward into the  future.~laurie frazier

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Ode to 2020

Found this on my computer...something I started writing in January and never really finished or edited...just posting almost as a journal entry...

Thank you 2020 for all your Fuckery to wake people up
For people to see that conspiracy theories we’re not just theories.
For people to be alerted to the dangers of vaccines
For people to appreciate a free economy and the beauty of owning your own business.
Thank you 2020 for waking people up to the possibility of losing their freedom.
Thank you 2020 for helping us to appreciate mobility, free travel, and toilet paper
Thank you 2020 for helping us to appreciate breathing clean air and not being silenced
For alerting us to the evils of censorship and
the so very obvious fuckery of the main stream media
Thank you 2020 for alerting us to the truth of the deep state in collusion with the main stream media, Big Pharma, and the Central Banking System
Thank you 2020 for that perfect fucking 20/20 vision to see truth more clearly than ever before. What a godsend you have been to our planet.
Thank you 2020 for showing us that if we curtailed some of our unnecessary travel how quickly Mother Earth will repair herself without being a part of the Paris Accord or other green new deal bullshit.
Thank you 2020 for helping us to see how important our relationships are or just how dysfunctional and fucked they are because we had to spend more time with each other.
Thank you 2020 for helping us to see that we could do a lot more work from home than we ever thought possible, but also that we like going to our place of business for the social and communal aspect.
Thank you 2020 for helping us to figure out that we could design a different life for ourselves, for helping us to find new ways of making money...
For helping us lose jobs that we hated or to lose a business that we loved and how important that really is to us— or not.
Thank you for the downtime to hear ourSelves think.
Thank you 2020 for helping us reevaluate every fucking thing in our lives and for helping us see blessings in the simple things.
You won't be forgotten any time soon.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Range, Transformation, & the Spring Equinox


I’ve been a spiritual teacher for 40 years now…seriously. Around the age of 14-15 I joined this group called Fellowship of Christian Atheltes. When I ws a junior in high school I was VP and as a senior I was President of that group. One of the things I taught were attributes of Christ…what the Bible said about it and how we could be more like Jesus. In college, I was part of a group called Jews for Jesus, and I ran my own Bible study in the dorm while majoring in Theology and World Religions. In my early 20’s, I started reading Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukav and Elkhart Tolle. I became interested in Eastern Religions and ways of life. When the Secret came out, I bought it for everyone I knew, sent it out for Christmas with a note saying, “Here’s what I’ve been trying to say for decades, all in one little DVD. Enjoy.”  

    Then came the Moon Show, that had an almost 7 year run…I get requests all the time to bring it back. And most know I’m a Chopra Certified instructor & and an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. Blah, blah, blah…over the past year, if anyone had visited my Facebook page, none of that would have been evident. I took a deep dive into the political arena and current events. Many of my social media followers did not like it, and I lost a lot of “friends.” I’ve had many people let me know that I needed to return to my old Self…that they didn’t like this Laurie, and they wanted all my old posts back. Others weren’t so gentle with their criticism. 

    I’ve been sitting with that for a few months, “toned it down”,  and have been contemplating all of this. Was it a mistake to be so public with my opinions in this hostile environment? Should I stop posting things that are controversial? Should I go back to my peaceful planet? Get my “followers” back? “Ewww” are the words that spill out of my mouth as I write these lines….and a big, “Fuck no,” is my answer. 

It’s like growing up a girl you’re expected to choose—are you going to be smart, beautiful or funny? Because you certainly can’t be all three. And now…am I going to define mySelf as spiritual or political? Am I going to write about how to tap into your inner intuition, find your purpose and passion, or shall I share the horrors of socialism, communism, and experimental inoculations? Hmmmm. Decisions…decisions. 

First of all, I’m certainly not going to allow anyone to tell me what to do—crossed that bridge decades ago—ask my mother. I’ve been the boss of me most of my life. Here’s the deal, people—we can be ALL the things.

 When I graduated from Boston College, I wanted to go to law school and get into politics…I ended up getting married instead and getting into motherhood. Throughout the years, I leaned much more to the spiritual side, and when there where issues that were important to me, I’d speak up—like fluoride in the water, or having to vaccinate my kids (which I did not do). I always felt like politics was such a corrupt system (on both sides) and that there just wasn’t much I could do—no difference to be made—so I stayed out of it. And all those years, my life stayed pretty much the same. I got exemptions for the vaccines that I refused, I traveled the world, bought water elsewhere, and political ideologies came and went with each election. Same, same.

We are no longer in that #samesame place. Shit has gotten real. Our civil liberties, our constitutional rights, our inalienable rights are hanging by a very short thread, and are disappearing with every letter I type. What we do now—makes a difference—to our children, our grandchildren and to our quality of life. To me….those things—freedom, god-given-rights, free travel, what I do with my own body/temple IS SPIRITUAL. It is the classic battle between good and evil. And for me—I’m not about to sit back waving the rose quartz Love and Light Wand, whilst burying my head in the sand repeating meaningless mantras and affirmations. Sorry, NOT SORRY. I have a voice, and I’m going to use it—whenever I feel so inspired to do so. I’m going to share the things I learn, know and believe—my intention is ALWAYS that it is for the betterment, health & well-being of others within my reach. 

This all seems to fall into my old category of #toomuch. Why is it that people want to limit us  and put us into a two-dimensional container they can understand? There’s Susie, she is super hot, there’s Mike he is a techno wizard, there’s Annie she’s a spiritual guru, Andy—he’s a conspiracy guy and Joe…well he’s just a lazy fuck. I think it makes people feel safe, they think they know you, how you’ll respond to things and it makes them feel safe. If they put you in a box, allow you to have your one thing you’re good at or known for—then  at least they can feel superior in a different category. Heaven forbid you are sharing the same gig. 

But that’s not me—and, I’m sure it’s not you either. We’ve got range. I used to say that with a bestie of mine when we were in the dating world. I’m not just a pretty face! I’m smart, too…and sometimes—I’m fucking funny. I have a variety of interests and several areas of expertise. I can have a great conversation with just about anyone on the planet. I don’t fear life…I’m not afraid of people. That makes me a lil formidable I guess…a tad dangerous. I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade or walk mask-less into any given place of business.


I’ve been feeling a huge shift coming on…a transformation of life as I know it. For the past 5 years, I’ve been isolated on a mountain top during the snowiest winter on record, I got rid of all of my stuff (again) to go off and be a humanitarian indefinitely in Romania & Nepal, almost died in India, got the message I was “off-purpose” and was told to go home and write my books. Having no choice as I was literally at deaths door, I came back. And, I’ve been writing for 3 years…almost exclusively, and mostly in self-appointed lock-down. I’ve completed two books, completely different one that is currently being edited, to be released SOON. The other is one in a 4 part series that I hope to have out the end of the year. 

During this “quiet time” I met someone. A perfect some one for me, and he says I am the perfect someone for him. It’s better than I’d even imagined in all my silent manifesting. Could not be happier together….and It’s been complicated. When we met he was in the process of divorcing. As both of my divorces were over in 2 weeks or less because there were no issues—I basically said,”…you can have it all, I’m out,”—twice, I didn’t think it would be a big deal. Well…apparently divorce isn’t that simple for most people, and this divorce is now going on a year and a half. Funny…I’d already started writing, Get A Fucking Divorce, Already and let’s just say, it’s given me a lot more material to work with…coincidence? Ahhh the Universe is always fucking with me in the most playful and humorous ways. Well, I’d like to think I’ve not created this long-drawn-out situation…we’ll see. Ask me next year when my book is selling off the shelves!

    So back to transformation…it’s coming for me. I’ve been a request for it. The quiet life is on it’s way out. I adopted two very active Bengal Cats a couple weeks ago—they’ve already changed my life. I’ll soon be a published author and a bonus mom to 4 young kids! I have several other businesses in the works that will begin unfolding. 

My man and I took a drive to look at some beautiful homes in Park City on Sunday. I barely touched my wrist and my Mala beads of ELEVEN YEARS that I wear nearly everyday, just fell off! I purchased these sandalwood Mala beads at the Chopra Center when I began my certification in the Chopra teacher training program. I was definitely starting a new path—I became a life coach soon after. They have been with me all over the world— Bali, Bora Bora, London, Paris, Rishikesh, Singapore, Japan and through at least 4 relationships. 

Mala means prayer, so they’re like prayer beads, not a lot different from my Catholic rosary. When I put these on in the morning I feel like I’m putting on the “armor of God”, as I have used these “prayer beads” in daily meditation for years. They’re kind of like my security blanket. And just like that, with no strain or pressure, they just let go. A broken Mala symbolizes a broken cycle. It's a sign to bring new intentions into your life as your current ones no longer serve you—which is exactly what I’d been doing. 

It was definitely “a sign” and it wasn’t lost on me that I’d been talking about transformation non-stop. I’ve been actively creating what I want my new life to look like. The day prior, I decided to do an in-depth cleanse for 21 days…felt like it would be the  necessary reset and transition into the next phase of my life. And… I had a chat with my snake, Verdi, of 16 years, to let him know what’s up. Turns out he sheds at approximately the time I’m going through major transformations. That was yesterday for him. Today my landlord said the home I’d been in for 3 years had sold so now a move is on the horizon—so if you know of a magical place…! Meanwhile, the Universe continues to speak of my unfolding transformation…right as the vernal Equinox arrives tomorrow.  

 I look with wonder at all that is before me with gratitude. Goodness, magic and mercy seem to follow me all the days of my life. You can expect that I will continue to broaden my “range”, as I hope you will do the same, ever evolving. I will always be that Spiritual Soul first—that is my come from in all that I do—it’s my core and my foundation. Knowing mySelf, trusting my intuition, and following my heart are what I do best. You can find me spreading my wings and playing the role of author, relationship transformer,  and activist. Time for Laurie 5.5

Blessed Spring to you all…may we cease resisting our own blooming and embrace all there is to unfold in grace and perfection.