Saturday, July 31, 2010

Journey Into Healing

Journey Into Healing

I had the amazing experience of attending one of The Chopra Centers’ signature programs, Journey Into Healing at the Biltmore Resort and Spa in Arizona in February 2010. I have been a Chopra fan for no less than 20 years now and to finally be doing this was a long-time dream come true.

There were many doctors, chiropractors and others from the health industry there. The Chopra Center or should I say the Chopra Center University is now accredited by the UC San Diego School of Medicine and is offering continuing education credits. It was quite an immersion into the Eastern healing art of Ayurveda integrated with the latest advances in medical science.

We were immediately taught Primordial Sound Meditation and were led into meditation morning and evening for 30 minutes twice a day with the magnificent Davidji. We also had the opportunity to do Yoga early morning and evening. It was fabulous. Each day in Yoga the instructor would go through one of the Seven Spiritual Laws of that particular day along with the Sanskrit Sutra. I found it very purposeful and intentional for me and it made my Yoga practice more significant. The Yoga was definitely one of the most enjoyable, invigorating parts of the day for me.

One of the other amazing benefits not to be overlooked was the food. All vibrant, fresh, colorful, vegetarian food, most of it straight from the Chopra Cookbook. Delicious salads, soups, entrees and desserts representing the 6 tastes of life: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. If only I had a cook at home to have these beautiful meals waiting for me when I got there!! I picked up my Chopra cookbook when I got home and realized most of the recipes were actually very simple to make.

For anyone that wants a better understanding of Ayurveda, mind-body healing, managing stress and food as medicine, Journey into Healing is for you.

You will come away with a great meditation practice, understanding of yoga, Ayurveda and the Eastern healing arts, what your body constitution is (Doshas), and a system of wellness that you can share with your family and friends that will assist them in bringing themselves into greater balance and wholeness.

I highly recommend Journey Into Healing to everyone. It was a 5 day transformational program that launched me into the Teachers path of Perfect Health. I will be attending Seduction of Spirit the end of March in Marco Island, Florida.

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