Friday, July 30, 2010


I had an experience at Seduction of Spirit, a Chopra Center event in Marco Island in March that I would like to share. I went into it with some questions about a relationship that I was in, wondering why things appeared to be a little “stuck” when everything on paper made so much sense…I was a little hurt and frustrated by the whole situation. I thought that I had been practicing the Law of Detachment but I realized I still had very strong ties to the outcome. After a couple of days of yoga and meditation this is what I wrote:

So it turns out, there is enough love in the world for me. I can’t force anyone to love me. I can’t give you a spreadsheet of all the reasons I am perfect for you…a resume is not what is required…why? Because I am enough. Enough without the resume, beauty and brilliance. I am enough and there is enough love in the world for me whether anyone returns that love or not. The ocean, the sky, the earth, the birds-all speak love to me. The Universe is nothing but love in all directions…the air we breathe, the space we maintain-ALL LOVE. Love is all there is.

And in the end we choose who we choose and it has nothing to do with their resume. My happiness, joy, and bliss are not tied to a choice made by someone else or to anything outside of myself. No one can take love from me because I AM love and I freely give my love to all. There is no loss, there is no separation…all are illusions.

I choose to be one who brings peace and embraces love in all its forms. The thing about love is that there is an unbounded,limitless supply. In fact, the more I give away and say yes to life, the more life gives and says yes to me.

I also remembered that I am safe…safe without a job, safe without a relationship, safe without a family…safe with nothing at all. Love is all around…the Universe loves me and I remembered that I am safe.

They say that nothing is new under the sun…none of these concepts are new to me, I know (intellectually) that I am enough, I know that I am love, I know I am safe and that separation is an illusion, but sometimes I forget…and in the space of “quiet” and “stillness” there is remembering…remembering who we really are, remembering of our divine magnificence , remembering of the role we have on this planet to shine the light of consciousness and awareness to all those who in a moment forget…..

Here’s to remembering...

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